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The use of computer has become really limited without the internet connection. Whether Wi-Fi or broadband, internet connection is must for any computer user.

Router is an important component required to connect various systems to one common network. With the help of router, you can work on more than one system at the same time.

If you are experiencing constant drop in your internet connection or unusual slow internet speed, your router might be reason for this. The basic solution that many people take is to unplug the wires of the router and plugging it again after 10 seconds. But this can’t be the solution every time.

Zeltaa is a software application that provides a remote connection between our customer's network and ZELTAA.
This remote connection enables:

• secure unattended root cause analysis of incidents;
• secure delivery of ZELTAA support services

Zeltaa can be used with traditional ZELTAA products as well as analytics solutions and offerings acquired from Sybase. Zeltaa controls access to your network on application level and is a useful enhancement to an existing firewall system (port filter).

Zeltaa can be used to:

• improve network security, using a password or by only allowing encrypted connections from known sources;
• control and log the connections to your ZELTAA system
• set up an indirect connection when programs involved cannot communicate with each other due to the network configuration;
• increase performance and stability by reducing the ZELTAA system workload within a local area network (LAN) when communicating with a wide area network (WAN).

Zeltaa Router Support Services

We provide resolution to almost every issue related to router with 99% first cal resolution rate. The following services can be provided via call, email or live chat with our expert technicians:

Installing the router
Upgrading of the software
Improving internet speed
Resetting router password
Clash of IP address
Firewall Issues

Your security is our concern. That is why; we remotely access your computer securely. We make sure that your privacy is not at all compromised. Our trustworthy and professional technicians provide solution with easy step by step instruction which can be easily configured by our user. Along with this, we provide additional information for future implementation.

24*7 Availability Zeltaa

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Zeltaa support “is a team of Certified Systems Engineers (CSE) who has enormous experience in delivering quality technical support services across the globe.Our technical support covers a range of computer and Smartphone related issues which can be resolved by email, phone and online chat.

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